Product and Tooling 3d Software Skills

Expert in NURBS modeling, solid modeling, hard surface modeling, surface repair and also in creating tool ready class-A surfaces that are built with tight tolerances and smooth parting lines.
Highly proficient in parametric and non parametric models, top down design, bottom up design, and Master Model Technique.


2D Creation

Very strong drawing and documentation creation.


Computer Aided Manufacturing (Cam) 3d/2d Software Skills

Experience in Computer Aided Manufacturing. Creation and development CNC programs for 3 axis milling ensure manufacture of parts to specifications as well as checks completed programs by running simulations or tests.


Rendering Software Skills

Ability to make render photorealistic images to rapidly explore a wide variety of styling options.


PLM (Product Lifecycle Manegement) skills

Experience using CAD database management tools.


International Standards

Experience in International standards and specifications.



Experience in other softwares.